Stainless Steel Pumps

RCELEC Products/Catalogue
SALMSON Products/Catalogue

We offer a wide range of Salmson horizontal and vertical booster pumps.  High efficiency stainless laser-welded impellers and stages for these pumps, standard IE3 motor for 0.75kw and above.

Salmson Vertical Multi Stage pumps has additional oversize bearing mounted on a lantern for easy assembly of the motor and absorbs the trust during starting thus extending the life of the motor bearing.  The Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps with electronic speed variation is extensively used to pump clear utilized liquid in Agricultural, Housing and Industrial Sector.

We also provides numerous pumps such as Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps to suit any applications.

Ingersoll Rand ARO Products/Catalogue

ARO® Air Operated Diaphragm Pump is primarily designed for general application use. Air Operated Diaphragm Pump can also transfer liquid with particles without damaging it. It can be used in potentially explosive areas since it is integrated with high performance pneumatic motor. Majority of ARO® diaphragm pumps are ATEX certified (CE Ex11 2GD X).

We offer Expert Series Diaphragm Pump (EXP) which is prominent for its industry-rated efficiency, dependability, and flow rates of up to 275 GPM (1041 LPM) as well as offering wide range of porting and material configurations.

VORTIC Products/Catalogue

Vortic Chemical Sealless Pump is used to transfer chemicals and primarily designed to deliver excellent chemical resistance. Our Chemical Sealless Pump is magnetic driven pump that has no mechanical seal or packed glands.

We also offer an extensive range of Self-Priming and Vertical Immersion Pumps which are highly economical and cost-effective for chemical wastewater pumping, fume scrubber and chemical transfer.

  • about G & P Engineering Services Pte Ltd was established in 1995. Our extensive pump products and with our broad experience, have the combined resources to solve and meet any fluid handling needs, in any industries.

Magnetic Seal less Pump

These days you are going nuts as your farming lands are not getting adequate water supply and you are really worried about how your crops will flourish without ample supply of water. Well, you don’t need to get worried anymore as in this age of information and technology there are varied agricultural equipment that can assist you well. So, there is also a solution of this emerging problem that you are facing. Still running your mind in all directions but in vein. Yes! the solution lies in supplying enough water through irrigation pumps. To solve this fussy issues of water there are several types of modern pumps available to assist farmers.

So, to solve your issues of water supply you need to do nothing other than searching a great and reliable water supplier around the corner. Feeling distracted and concerned as it is quite difficult to make the selection from a number of different alternatives available to choose the right pump dealer. So, research can be the key to avail the right benefits of a good pumping system as well as a great dealer. It does not matter whether you require stainless steel pump, chemical pump or booster pump, a quality leader can provide you quality pumps.

To sort out your enigma, various dealers are there to make you available pump. But the task lies in hunting quality dealers. Now, all your confusions are wiped out with our superb dealer of pumps. Getting eager to know the name? We are the most superb dealer of pumps the one and only G&P Engineering services PTE LTD. Dealing with different sorts of pumps and making irrigation quite easy even in the absence of natural water supply.

So, it is very sure that now a question must be hitting in your mind again and again. What makes us so much unique and different? Why clients run after taking our services so much? These questions can be answered by just looking at our different milestones which are given below. But before that it is quite interesting to note that we are serving our clients since decades and they are more than happy with our services. If you require stainless steel pumps, Magnetic seal less pump, Submersible pumps all different versions of pumps are available with us.

Wish to bask in the glory of our excellent culture of our majestic services that are also experienced by our customers? If yes, then have a glance at what makes us perfect.

  • 24/7 services available: We understand that time is quite precious for you and you deserve the best. So, obviously you will like to choose for the best services that too as per your convenience. So, we make your convenience our sole priority and make our services accessible to you round the clock. We know the mantra of keeping our clients extremely happy and satisfied.
  • We are having diverse range of pumps as well as blowers: We are the most demanded in the market as we house different varieties of pumps and blowers that can make your irrigation practices quite easy and comfortable. Whether you require multistage pump, Air operated Diaphragm pump, or self priming pump, we are the sole dealer of all these quality pumps.
  • Affordable prices: We are the best dealer in the eyes of our clients because we offer best quality at affordable range that too with awesome quality. Thus, due to this great combination we are the renowned seller of pumps in the market.So these qualities are our backbone that make us the superb dealer in the eyes of our clients.

So, are you ready to bask in the glory of our amazing services to make yourself proud? If yes, then don’t while away your time in waiting and make us a call or visit our website to write the irrigation success story with us. We promise that we will never let you feel dejected. We at G&P Engineering services PTE LTD will make you proud always.

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